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Lazer's Verde Kineticore wins two prestigious Product Design awards

06.May - 2024

The brand-new helmet wins both an IF design and ISPO design award.

The Verde KinetiCore with its unique Ecoloc entered the market mid-April and already gets the recognition of two prestigious product design awards. The helmets sustainable nature captured the attention of both the IF Design awards and ISPO awards. With ISPO calling Verde KinetiCore "More than just a helmet, but an embodiment of a new era of cycling safety and environmental awareness." it won over the jury of independent experts from all over the world.




Created with a vision of a circular future, the brand hopes to contribute to a safe environment for all cyclists with this new urban helmet.


“For us, a sustainable future lies in circularity. Using recycled content and enabling a product to be properly disassembled is proof that the Verde KinetiCore does both at once. The Verde KinetiCore is just the beginning of our Ecoloc story. We know we couldn't solve all the problems at once, but it opens a lot of windows and possibilities,” explains Fé van Dam, product designer at Lazer Sports.




Want to find out more about the unique character of this helmet?

Verde KinetiCore is made from 70% recycled materials. It not only ensures the rider's safety, but also minimizes its impact on the environment. Unlike traditional helmets, the Verde KinetiCore is assembled without the use of glue or paint, thanks to its patented EcoLoc technology. This allows the user to easily disassemble the helmet at the end of its life cycle, allowing for the proper recycling of its various components.


The new helmet is now available in stores with a SRP of €99,99.





To find out more about the brand's new helmet model, click HERE.

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