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The SSC national mechanics championship | Portugal 23

25.October - 2023

Cycle to perfection!

When it comes to the world of cycling, it's not just about the bikes; it's about the dedicated and competent mechanics who keep them running smoothly. And in the ever-evolving domain of bicycle maintenance, the Shimano Service Center national championship as an exciting and vital platform. This innovative event is not just a competition, but a fun-filled day dedicated to cycling, the community of mechanics, the exchange of ideas, the improvement of skills and, ultimately, the strengthening of trust between stores, retail and consumers.


A day of pure fun and passion



The Shimano Service Center Mechanics National Championship is a celebration of the very essence of cycling. It's a day when the cycling community comes together to indulge in their shared passion. For both participants and spectators, it is a day of excitement and pure fun.


Strengthen the mechanic community


Cycling mechanics are the unknown heroes of the cycling world. They are the ones who ensure that your cycling trip is safe, smooth and exciting. The championship brings together these passionate individuals who share a common love for bicycles and maintenance. It's not just a competition; It’s a camaraderie that strengthens the community of mechanics. It’s about sharing stories, experiences and, above all, ideas.





Exchange of ideas and skills


The Shimano Service Center Mechanics Championship aims to be a knowledge center. Mechanics, whether veterans or newcomers, come together to exchange ideas and improve their skills. It's a place where they work and learn the latest techniques, tools and innovations in the world of bicycle maintenance. The event promotes an environment of continuous improvement, which directly benefits consumers who entrust their bicycles to these qualified individuals.





Building trust for retail stores and consumers

The knowledge and skills acquired during the event resonate throughout the cycling community. The increased experience gained from this event reinforces confidence in retail stores. When consumers see that a store is associated with the Shimano Service Center National Mechanics Championship, they know they can expect top service. You can be sure that your bikes are in good hands. This trust is the cornerstone of the relationship between cyclists and their chosen assistance centers.

A celebration of excellence and passion

The Shimano Service Center Mechanics National Championship is more than just a competition; is a day dedicated to celebrating excellence in the world of cycling. The championship is a true celebration of fun, camaraderie and the spirit of cycling itself. So, gear up and get ready to pedal to perfection!





Thank you for your trust!

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