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SC Vouga founders

SC Vouga - Manuel Caetano Henriques

Manuel Caetano Henriques

SC Vouga - Anibal Rodrigues da Graça

Anibal Rodrigues da Graça

SC Vouga - Miguel de Almeida e Silva

Miguel de Almeida e Silva

SC Vouga - Samuel de Oliveira Caetano

Samuel de Oliveira Caetano

SC Vouga - Samuel de Oliveira Fernandes

Samuel de Oliveira Fernandes


Currently, SC Vouga is managed by João Graça, grandson of founder Aníbal Graça and by Paulo Silva, grandson of founder Miguel Almeida Silva and great-grandson of Manuel Caetano Henriques, the driving force behind the company's foundation.


Focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty, SC Vouga has been adding more and more brands to its portfolio. At the turn of the 20's, SC Vouga is today a modern company, which offers more and more options to its customers, so that they can acquire all the products and equipment they need more quickly, in a single company.


The company's growth motivated its expansion into a new industrial building. The modern warehouse, with an attached office building, opened in 2018 and is exclusively dedicated to cycling.


Always with the aim of making life easier and retaining its customers, SCV aims to have more and more brands so that its customers can acquire everything more quickly in one company.



Motorcycle lubricants






Chains, transmission kits



Air filters and oil









Motorcycle equipment



Regulators and rectifiers



All-use lubricants for bikes and motorcycles



Bicycle tires and inner tubes



Motorcycle tires






WD-40 is today one of the most recognized brands in the world, widely used at home and by professionals in various sectors around the world.

Considered by many to be the #1 solution to many problems and situations, WD-40 was invented over 60 years ago by three employees of the Rocket Chemical Company. From a small laboratory in San Diego, California, they sought to create a range of rust-preventing solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry.


In Gardening:


Nylon wires, shaving heads, cleaning brushes 



Wood Splitters



máquinas varejadoras



Harvesting machines









Brush cutter tubes



Agricultural lubricants






Motor hoes



New brands represented by SC Vouga

Since the beginning of the decade, several new brands have been imported by SC Vouga for distribution in the national territory. Special mention goes to the french market leader Michelin, in the segment of “premium” tires for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles since 2013.

Valvoline, EBC, Gates and Pinlock also delegated their official representation in Portugal to SC Vouga. In cycling, the beginning of the decade also brought new brands, including new technologies, such as the navigation devices of MIO, a subsidiary brand of MiTAC International Corp.

SC Vouga


Technical Assistance in the 65th edition of the "Volta a Portugal"

In 2003, in cycling, SC Vouga participated in the technical assistance of the 65th edition of the "Volta a Portugal" by bicycle. In the same year, given the constant evolution in the means of transport and in the speed of delivery, the branch in the city of Porto was closed.

In 2005, SC Vouga ensured Shimano's official representation and distribution in Argentina and in 2007 it opened facilities in Spain to expand the motorcycle trade.

During this decade, SC Vouga expanded the range of imported brands in the cycling sector and promoted them to the highest level: in 2006, the award-winning Cândido Barbosa raced with PRO brand wheels in the 68th edition of the "Volta a Portugal".


50th anniversary of SC Vouga

On January 18, 1996, SC Vouga celebrated its 50th anniversary. Half a century of existence attests to the rigor and seriousness with which the company has established itself in the national market, being one of the oldest commercial houses in the two-wheel sector operating in the national market.

At the time, SC Vouga distributed more than 50 brands nationwide, from mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles to pumps and the most diverse parts and components for cycling, motorcycling, agriculture, forestry and gardening.

In 1997, SC Vouga started selling “cars without a license” from the french brand JDM.

SC Vouga


Distribution of Pirelli brand

In 1995, SC Vouga began importing and distributing the Italian brand Pirelli, one of the best known and most prestigious tire brands worldwide. Four years later, in 1999, the company held the 1st Pirelli Meeting in Portugal.

Still in 1995, the first official KTM meeting took place with the presence of the pilot Heinz Kinigadne (world champion in 1984 and 1985), promoted by SC Vouga in Águeda, bringing together dozens of pilots and amateur motorcyclists.

During the 90's, SC Vouga increased its business volume through the sale of scooters, especially the brands Italjet, of Italian origin and Sanyang, from Taiwan.

SC Vouga


Official representation of the Shimano brand

The 90s were marked by the arrival of one of the main brands currently imported and distributed by SC Vouga in Portugal.

At the end of 1991, the distribution of parts and components for cycling from the prestigious Japanese brand Shimano was agreed. In 1994, SC Vouga formalized the official representation of the brand, which substantially increased the company's turnover in the field of cycling.

SC Vouga


Extension to the field of agriculture, forest and garden

In the 1980s, SC Vouga continued to expand its national network of resellers and in 1984, when the existence of the Caldas da Rainha branch was no longer justified, the company only kept its Porto branch open. The 1980s were also marked by the arrival of new brands to the company, notably Gipiemme bicycles, Metzeler motorcycle tires and Hutchinson bicycle tires.

In the middle of the decade, SC Vouga extended its activity to agriculture, forestry and gardening and in 1985, the importation of chainsaws and other products from the Tanaka brand gave the impetus to SC Vouga in this new branch of commerce, taking advantage of the already vast network of resellers nationwide.

SC Vouga


SC Vouga ensures the official representation of NGK in Portugal

The beginning of the 70s was marked by the continued expansion of the company. Right at the beginning of the new decade, SC Vouga ensured the official representation of two new imported brands in Portugal – on tires, IRC and on spark plugs, the world market leader NGK. The two Japanese brands further boosted the name of SC Vouga and are still today among the main brands marketed by the company.

In 1971, SC Vouga co-founded Órbita, Bicicletas Portuguesas, LDA and also started marketing the currently well-known Portuguese bicycle brand.

SC Vouga


Import and distribution of the KTM brand in Portugal

The beginning of the 60s was marked by the beginning of the exclusive import and distribution of KTM in Portugal, an Austrian brand that would make SC Vouga famous in motorcycling.

The good acceptance of the KTM Pony I, the first model marketed by SC Vouga, dictated in 1968 the importation of the second model of the Austrian brand, the famous Hobby.

Also in this decade, SC Vouga opened its first branch, in the city of Porto in 1964 and two years later, in 1966, the second branch, located in Caldas da Rainha.

SC Vouga


Beginning of the sale of motorcycles

In 1954 SC Vouga extended its branch of activity to the trade of parts for motorcycles and mopeds. Also in this decade, SC Vouga began to import some of the brands it still sells today – Bing carburetors, Flösser lamps and Regina chains.

The success of SC Vouga in the commercialization of parts for motorcycles and mopeds led to the sale of the first motorcycles in 1958, with the importation of the Globmaster model from the Dutch brand Magneet. As happened in the cycling business, SC Vouga also started to assemble motorcycles, under its own brand Vouga. At the same time, Dunlop tires began to be sold.

SC Vouga


Sale of bicycles and accessories

The origins of Sociedade Comercial do Vouga are intrinsically linked to the foundation of MACAL by Manuel Caetano Henriques in 1921. Macal's success dictated the need to open a parts warehouse and on January 18, 1946 Sociedade Comercial do Vouga was born, driven by Manuel Caetano Henriques.

The origins of Sociedade Comercial do Vouga are intrinsically linked to the foundation of MACAL by Manuel Caetano Henriques in 1921. Macal's success dictated the need to open a parts warehouse and on January 18, 1946 Sociedade Comercial do Vouga was born, driven by Manuel Caetano Henriques.

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