Sociedade Comercial do Vouga, Lda.

Founded in 1946, Sociedade Comercial do Vouga (SC Vouga) is guided by a business philosophy based on the official representation of leading global brands in the business area of cycling, motorcycling and forest/gardening.
The development strategy of the company is based, has always been, in a high financial consistency. Market leader in Portugal, the latest history of SC Vouga is marked by its internationalization process, particularly in argentine and spanish markets.


Facing difficulties and challenges in a context of globalization and competitive aggressiveness, the prestige and worldwide recognition of the brands represented by SC Vouga for some decades, mainly NGK, Pirelli, Metzeler, IRC, Flosser, Shimano and recently LS2 , EBC, Michelin and Gates, make it a solid and credible business partner. With a focused vision for the constant renewal of products to SC Vouga has a constant focus on the growth of new brands, including placing on the market of its own brands. Characterized by a focused vision in the constant renewal of products, SC Vouga presents a great attention on the growth of new brands and has been market its own brands.


Every years, SCVouga performs a marketing plan in order to promote the brands it represents, which includes sponsorship of named athletes and several events. Following a logic of sustainable development and social responsability, SC Vouga supports some humanitarian and cultural institutions with patronages.


Strongly focused on optimizing business internal processes, SC Vouga offers a specific set of benefits and services to its customers. In this way, the prime objective is to be recognized by its suitability and the abitily of the provision of high quality services.


Despite being a company that is now in its third generation, neither everything changes. Despite being a company that is now in its third generation, neither everything changes. There are values ??that remain being nuclear in present and that are the foundations of the future. SC Vouga have always excelled by a strategy of trust, transparency and motivation of its employees, who are key-actores to customer satisfaction.

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